What is Favibooks?

"A printed photo Album with the ability to store digital content inside its cover and also Augmented Reality friendly"

You can imagine them as the combination of a
USB memory stick + a printed Photo Album .
A real Favibook Photo Album looks like this

What is our Mission?

"We design products that PRESERVE OUR MEMORIES alive, easily accessible, and safe."
" We promote the artist as a creator"
" We explore technologies that can make our lives better"

What is the Market ?


Total Addressable Market Estimation(2019) Eurostat Data
~1 Billion EURO


Traveling lovers
Photo & video Enthusiast
Global Digital Photography Market Report 2019:

Market Accounted for $79.12 Billion in 2017 and is Expected to Reach $149.98 Billion by 2026

What is the problem?


1. Tough Competition
2. Same products for everyone
3. The market needs new ideas
and products for millennials
4. Expensive marketing solutions


1. A large number of digital contents,
not organized and hard to access
2. Protection of personal data
and private moments
3. Accessibility of data is depended
on network performance
4. Online storage and Video streaming
(for AR) have a monthly cost

What is our Solution


1. Replacing the regular USB
(main delivery method) with a
with embedded memory
2. The product is portable
(good for mouth to mouth
3. Personalised in order to
promote the brand
4. Enhance experience by using
augmented reality
5. The product is millennial friendly
and tech savvy
6. Safe offline personal data
7. Accessibility Indi pended from network
and no extra cost for data
8. Three possible products
a.Low Cost
(No memory in album)
b. Mid cost
(Album with Usb memory)
c. High Cost
(Albums with wifi memory)


1. Print the best photos
from a special memory
add all the rest inside
its memory
2. Have all your data offline,
private and secure
3. Have all your imaged and video
organized in small stylist albums
that can be placed as a decorative
element in the house
4. Always accessible data
5. Enhance experience by using
augmented reality
6. A personalized item,
designed by the end user
7. Designed and ordered easily
by a mobile app or webpage
8. Good idea for personalised gifts

Explanation Videos


Different than the cover video


Same as the cover video

Current products in B2B Market

Current Products

Our Soloution

Product Competitive Analysis

The two most important factors
in B2B is cost and Branding

Where are we today ?

1.Completed the Album
2.Completed National Patent Registration
3.Completed PCT
4. Start shelling in B2B without the Augmented reality functionality
5.We have started to design the Mobile and Web App
6.We have started to design a new product (calendars with memory) and made test some sales (150 Pcs in 30 days local market only) to evaluate the aspect of rationalization
7. Started interviews with potential clients in B2B in order to evaluate the product
8. Evaluating ideas for automation

What is our vision for Favibooks ?

"Over the next 3 years we aim to create
a platform model around Favibooks with printers
that make ready mini albums with USB memory
for personal and professional use"

Real Product Photo Gallery

About me

Kostas Ordoumpozanis

Degree in Mech. Eng

5 years experience as PhD cand.

10 years experience as sustainable building designer and Mech engineer

9 years experience as a professional photographer in Fairytaleweddings

Very good Programming Skills (C#,Js,PHP,Unity)

4 years experience in Augmented Reality

Since 2016 in Favibooks (prior name AliveBoks) there are three people that helped a lot

Kontadakis Antonis - Mech Eng
Venetopoulou Sofia - English Teacher
Athanasia Kalodimou - Loyer

Video Library

Explanation Video regarding Favibooks idea

Facebook Calendar Teaser Video (In Greek)
"The Perfect Gift"

Facebook Calendar Teaser Video (In Greek)